High-Level Holiday-Let

Winner of the 2019 Dumfries and Galloway Council Design Award for Residential Works to Existing Buildings. The judges said "Repaired on the outside and completely transformed on the inside to become a contemporary two bedroom flat with a 'tardis-like' quality; the double height sitting room with attic height former gives great light levels"

The Roundhouse is a project that tells the story of a building changing over time as its use and living standards have evolved. When approaching the project, it was important to respect the building’s history, whist adding a new chapter to the story. The approach was therefore based on identifying existing eccentricities, before reinterpreting and reinventing them for the twenty first century. The Roundhouse is a C-Listed Dalbeattie landmark. It is an 1800s two-storey, four-bay rectangular house, which was re-fronted in the mid nineteenth century with a full height projecting bow. Much of the interior has been altered throughout the twentieth century, leaving very few original features, but some interesting shapes. The dominant feature of the property is of course its roundness, but heights also contribute to its character. Above the principle living level, there was an unusual timber-lined attic with a “secret” dormer window. Key to the project was therefore linking and unlocking these features. The main living space of the original first floor flat is semi-circular and views of the town can be enjoyed from here through the sash and case windows. To fully exploit this, and link it to the unusual shapes above, the big Architectural move was to remove the internal ceilings. This opened the space up to full height, revealing the previously secret dormer window and increasing light penetration. With the principle Architectural move made, the language was then derived from accentuating the unusual shapes through lighting and material choices. Introducing birch plywood on selected surfaces was one key element of this, which was complemented by custom made furniture and storage. This series of simple Architectural moves have enabled the building to be brought up to a high standard for use as a holiday-let, protecting the listed building for future generations.

Structural Engineer - Christie-Gillespie

Main Contractor - Brian Carson