Homes & Extensions

As life moves forward, the needs you have for your home will inevitably change. Changing your environment to better suite your needs is at the heart of Architecture, so this is something we really enjoy helping with. Whether you simply need more space, or you have more specific needs; good design can ensure a house alteration or extension is more economical than moving.

Existing houses often fall short of the space and layout requirements of modern living. Common issues include; small kitchens, insufficient bathrooms, and a lack of connection to the garden. These can usually be addressed by making Internal Alterations, which should be designed to ensure the solution presents good value for money.

Some clients have more specific needs to address. These include situations where there is restricted mobility for age or health reasons. In our Accessible Family Home project, we took a comprehensive approach to an existing house to ensure a client with mobility issues could remain at home with the whole family. This included both internal alterations and an extension to increase space and improve the connection between house and garden.

House extensions can be all shapes and sizes. Making sure you get what you need, is also complemented by making sure you like what you get. This is why tuning-in to individual clients’ tastes, hopes and aspirations, is so crucial to our approach. This can be is done by sharing reference images on websites such as Houzz and Pinterest, or it can be more effective to sketch multiple options for discussion.

In our Glazed Gable Extension project, the aesthetic of the house extension was largely a response to its location within a Conservation Area. It was nevertheless possible to include a lot of glazing, providing a good connection to the garden and ensuring maximum natural daylight into the extension. It is also important to ensure light continues to penetrate into the existing property when extending. This is a key feature of many projects, but can be readily seen in the Contemporary Extension we designed for a family in Midlothian Edinburgh.

Whatever the specifics of the project, we love meeting new clients and designing to not only meet your needs, but also your tastes, hopes and aspirations. Please feel free to Contact Us if you have a project you would like to discuss.