listed buildings

It goes without saying that Architects love buildings, and the built environment more generally. The Architecture of every age has distinctive characteristics and it is fantastic to see good examples of these protected by giving them Listed Building status. Our shared cultural heritage is represented by our built heritage, forming a narrative on society through the ages. The need to continue this narrative into the twenty-first century is the task of contemporary Architects, who must both respect the past and keep moving forward. This challenge is no more apparent than when making changes to an existing listed building, which something we specialise in doing.

We are fortunate to have many great examples of Georgian and Victorian listed buildings in Edinburgh and Midlothian. Whilst beautiful, these buildings often present particular challenges to modern-living, not least due to their poor thermal efficiency. Changing socio-political dynamics mean that, for example, kitchens have moved from being ancillary spaces to become the heart of the home. Reconfiguring interiors to facilitate larger kitchens, more bathrooms, and multiple living spaces, are therefore recurring themes within our work.

In our Mews House Meets Mondrian project, we were able to reconfigure the interior to better suite modern living and continue the building’s story from its modest origins to a very desirable, thermally efficient dwelling. This was done by retaining the key external features, whilst introducing elements with more modernist aesthetics, such as the Mondrian-inspired built-in storage.

The Garden Retreat project is a great example of an existing vernacular building being added to with a much more contemporary new-build element. In this project, the new free-standing structure sits at the end of the garden, providing the clients with additional living space without the need to change the existing listed house.

We relish the challenges associated with listed buildings and enjoy designing alterations and extensions to improve them for modern living, whilst respecting their protected status. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

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