Hi, I'm Douglas Strachan - Chartered Architect

An extension to a family home in a Conservation Area.

An extension to a family home in a Conservation Area.

Imagination & Inspiration

I was born in Penicuik, and, like many kids, enjoyed creating my own world with Lego.  Growing up, my imagination was captured by disused industrial and agricultural buildings. I remember playing in them (before health and safety) and imagining what they could become. One such building was converted into an Architect's office in time for my school's work experience week, and my fate was sealed!

Experience & Understanding

I studied in Edinburgh, where I developed my interest in how people influence their surroundings. It is also a great place to help people with making improvements to their homes, many of which are listed or in conservation areas. There is a great satisfaction in seeing a building get a new lease of life and ensuring it better meets the demands of modern living.

Regeneration & Communication

I live in Dalkeith,  where my wife and I are raising a family. I chose to set up my office locally to be close to home and contribute to the community. I have therefore been active in local social enterprises to address the need for community facilities. I remain passionate about the re-use of existing buildings and enjoy helping people to improve, renovate and regenerate their homes.