Concept to Construction

We're excited to see that many of our projects are moving rapidly from concept to construction.  Whilst the statutory consent process can be slow, a number of exciting home extensions are now moving onto site, just a few months after designs were first produced.  It is an extremely satisfying process listen to a client's idea, design a solution, and then see it begin to come to life.  We like to ensure clients enjoy the process, but the ultimate test is of course when the client begins to enjoy the finished product.

From our base in Dalkeith, we have quick access to a wide geographical area.  The majority of our work has always been in Edinburgh and Midlothian, but we are increasingly working in West and East Lothian, in the Scottish Borders, and further afield.  We take great pleasure in helping people with alterations and improvements to their homes, as well as larger extensions and development projects.

Many of the projects currently moving on to site are high quality home extensions.  We have worked closely with our clients to agree a solution that meets their needs, but also hope that it will offer an improvement to their quality life.  As construction work begins on these projects, it is a delight to see our clients begin to inhabit the new spaces in their minds.

We have also seen a few projects reach completion recently, allowing our clients to inhabit their new spaces more literally.  Returning to visit them after this is a great pleasure and gives us motivation to do just as well on the next project.