The Idea - If you're interested in some home improvements or extensions, or are looking to develop a site or building, you may have some ideas about what to do or just a list of questions.  The first thing to do is contact us for an informal chat.

Initial Consultation - We'll pop around for an informal chat to discuss your needs and have a look around the site or building.  We can talk you through the rest of the process in more detail and answer any queries.

The architectural services we provide will be tailored to your individual project, but will usually follow the stages below.

1. Briefing - We will nearly always need to measure the site or building and have a more detailed look around.  We'll also take this opportunity to discuss your needs in more detail.

2. Initial Design - Having discussed the brief in a little more detail, we'll draw some options for consideration.  We'll advise on the differences between these, in terms of the regulations, costs, and how well they meet your needs.

3. Planning Application - After deciding on the best option, or a combination of these, we can develop this in more detail.  We will work with you to explore aesthetics and expand on some of the ideas from the previous stage.  With a design agreed, we can apply to the local authority for planning permission and listed building consent if applicable.  Some smaller projects won't need full permission but we can advise on this.

4. Building Warrant Application - This stage is about demonstrating to the local authority that the proposals will comply with the relevant technical standards.  Some smaller projects, such as internal alterations, will only require this and not a planning application.

5. Pre-Construction - As we prepare for the design to become a reality, we will give contractors the information they need to calculate how much it will cost.

6. Tendering - We can introduce you to some contractors and can manage the tendering process, helping you to find the right team for your project.

7. Construction - This is often the most daunting stage of the project but we will be on-hand to ensure the contractor has all the information they need to implement the design.  We will keep you informed, advise on payment, and help with any decision making during the works.