Working With You

Our approach is based on getting to know you, to understand your needs, hopes and aspirations.  It is important that we tune-in to your tastes, and exchanging reference images can be a really helpful way to do this.  We love the immediacy of sketching and our 3D models are great for visualising designs.  Whatever the method, communication is key to nurturing positive relationships.

Every project starts with an idea.  Whether you have a clear vision or just some questions about what might be possible, the first thing to do is contact us for an informal chat.  This begins a dialogue that continues throughout the project, developing through drawings until the project is a reality.  We will work with you all the way through, and hope to ensure you enjoy the process as much as the end result.

We love meeting new clients and enjoy developing ideas together.  If you have an idea, or just some questions, please get in touch and we’ll pop around for a chat.